Werkgroep Innovatiegericht inkopen presents presents: EU collabs; grants and public procurement of innovations
Datum en Tijd
donderdag, juni 16, 2022, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

This session will be held in English.

The European Commission regularly publishes a call for grants. In recent months for example there was a call to stimulate public procurement of innovation. The aim of the call is to encourage contracting authorities to act as 'launching customers' and implement the innovation together with the market, especially SMEs.

During this session Maurice van Rooijen (PIANOo/Rijkswaterstaat) will discuss the experiences with European calls for grants. 
Moreover, participants of the European network ‘Procure2Innovate’ also participate in the session. Through Procure2Innovate, PIANOo shares knowledge about public procurement of innovation with other competence centers.

Eric Boessenkool (Rijkswaterstaat) will give us some outlines on how these programs and EU policy developments work and how they can help government with Innovation Procurement. Klaas Stek (University of Twente) and Vitezslav Titl (University Utrecht) will share his experiences with the applications for HEU and Erasmus+ and about attracting project members, project idea generation, project application and project management.